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Topic: Non-Linear Dynamics of Silicon Nitride Orthopaedic Implants

Place: ETH Zurich – Institute for Biomechanics (Department of Health Sciences and Technology).

Candidate profiles: master’s degree in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering or a related relevant field. You are expected to have demonstrated experience in biomechanical testing methods, additive manufacturing methods and have a strong background knowledge of dynamic and vibration analysis. Experience with ceramic biomaterials and/or dynamic simulation methods would be advantageous.

Activities: Non-linear dynamics of spinal implants, with the following objectives: (1) Characterisation of the dynamic response of bulk and processed silicon nitride materials, including response to impact and vibrational loading and the influence of local micro-structure; (2) Evaluation of the changes to base mechanical properties and overall structural damping resulting from gel infiltration and/or tissue ingrowth into macro-porous implants.

Funding: European Union – MSCA ITN

Contact: Prof. Stephen Ferguson

Application: Exclusively accept applications submitted through the online application portal. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered.