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C/ Cuba, 3. 12180 Cabanes, Castellón (Spain)

Ptda la Torreta s/n. 12110 Alcora, Castellón (Spain)

Do we have the best composition at the lowest cost? Do we make efficient data management? If a technician changes, the knowledge could be lost? Are we using the most appropriate raw materials?

For these and other questions, NeosAware has been developed. It is software based on artificial intelligence with the function of self-learning machine, in order to model the behavior of raw materials in the compositions and, in this way, to be able to deal with production problems, to simulate new compositions prior to their experimentation and optimizing compositions according to production constraints.

What are the objectives?

The initial concern was to develop a tool for use in any labora- tory or research center, with a efficient information management and knowledge management, with robustness, efficiency and effectiveness of algorithms, both in the modeling of raw material behavior as well their interactions allowing the composition optimizations. Moreover, looking for use of simplicity, with developing the interface Mathematical/Ceramic Engineer based in the ceramic point of view.

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