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Topic: Inorganic materials (including production processes and specific characterization techniques), preferably of ceramic kind.

Candidate profiles: University-level junior scientist with 3-4 years of research experience or having recently defended his doctoral thesis. Bilingual French / English, knowledge of Dutch or another language is a plus. A research experience is essential.

Place: Research and Business Services Department, The Belgian Ceramic Research Centre.

: The realization, as part of a research project of the Center, of scientific, technical, synthesis, analysis work including laboratory work and both written and oral reporting (reports, publications, presentations) under the supervision of the project manager. Eventually, the participation to several projects and, according to the skills, the supervision of one of them and the Integration in the development groups of new project ideas.

Deadline and Duration: The position is vacant immediately for a permanent contract.


Applications should be sent by post to the attention of Dr. V. Lardot to: BCRC; Avenue Gouverneur Cornez, 4; B-7000 Mons; Belgium.

The CV must be accompanied by a handwritten cover letter. No follow-up will be given to requests made by email.