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Nombre: Rene Miguel Guillen Pineda
Cargo: PhD student / Research and Development Technician
Institución: Instituto de Tecnología de Materiales – UPV
Dirección:  Building 5ECamino de Vera, s/n 46022 ValenciaSpain 
Teléfono de contacto: +34 645603843

Correo electrónico: 

Líneas/Campos de Investigación: “Development of ceramic materials based sintered zirconia through rapid non-conventional techniques”é-miguel-guillén-pineda-55793156 

CV abreviado:  The aim of the doctoral thesis is obtaining zirconia-based materials that can be used in the anufacture of new composites with diverse functionalities in advanced technology, by means of unconventional sintering, thus achieving the specifications demanded by the market for various applications that are economically profitable. For this, unconventional sintering techniques will be used: Microwave (MW), Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) and Flash Sintering (FS). For this work, the study of alumina reinforced zirconia composites (ATZ), zirconium titanate (ZrTi2O4), zirconia reinforced with niobium oxides (Nb2O5) and zirconia compounds reinforced with strontium doped lanthanum (LSM) is proposed.  

Proyecto destacado:
Fabrication and characterization of LSM (La0.8Sr0.2MnO3) powders with enhanced microstructure and performance through coating particles”. (JECS TRUST PROJECT: Contract 2019204)