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A strategic sector for the EU

The European ceramic industry today employs over 200,000 people in the EU-27, around 80% of them in SMEs. World-leading companies are headquartered in the EU and the industry develops highly-skilled and trained employees. As one of mankind’s oldest industries, the European ceramic industry is a strategic and future-oriented sector. Through its continued commitment to innovation, the ceramic industry has demonstrated its willingness and ability to contribute to the development of a competitive low-carbon and resource-efficient economy in the coming decades. With its wide range of applications, from construction to consumer goods, industrial processes and cutting-edge technologies, the ceramic industry constantly develops innovative and high-value solutions that improve our quality of life and facilitate vital progress in downstream sectors. Indeed our products play an essential and very often indispensable role for energy and resource efficiency in other sectors. By enabling resource and energy efficiency in all these sectors, ceramics play an essential role in EU society.

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